The kind of gear you say to yourself, “If I was a pet, I would totally love this!” Just because you catch your pets playing with cardboard or sleeping on a stray towel doesn’t mean that they won’t appreciate a regal tufted sofa bed or a sophisticated leather collar. Here, we’ve selected some of our favorite gifts for dogs and cats, and their lucky humans too.

Pride and Groom Doggy Bag Deluxe $85.00 SHOP NOW

Make your dog’s bath a little more special—and lot better smelling—with a collection of shampoo, conditioner, and scent spray from Pride and Groom, which uses all-natural ingredients like avocado oil and vitamin E in its beautifully packaged and delightfully scented products. The products give bath time a luxurious feel for any pooch and leave them soft and shiny. This must-have gift set might not convince your dog to love the tub, but it’ll certainly elevate his experience from an everyday wash. 

Wentworth Tufted Dog Sofa $367.08 SHOP NOW

Sushi Cat Toy Gift, 2 pieces

Etsy $9.47 SHOP NOW

These cute sushi toys will keep any cat entertained.  Smart Dog Collar

Link AKC $218.99 SHOP NOW

Help keep your favorite pooch healthy and happy with this tech-y collar that comes complete with a GPS tracker and an activity monitor.   Cuddly-Coat Grooming Shampoo

‘ $25.00 SHOP NOW

Keep them looking shiny and silky with this luxe dog shampoo.

A-Frame Covered Cat Bed

The Refined Feline $99.99 SHOP NOW

Cat furniture that’s not an eyesore? Miraculous. This stylish wooden side table provides a comfy covered bed for kitty and a scratch pad to save your sofa from claws.  Christian Cowan x max-bone Jumper $95.00 SHOP NOW

This feathered sweater will make Fido on instant social media star. 

Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed

K&H Pet Products $88.15 SHOP NOW

Give your favorite pup a warm place to rest their head with this cozy heated bed. 

Custom Pet Portraits $60.00 SHOP NOW

A great gift to your pet-obsessed friend (or, ahem, yourself) a custom pet portrait is a sweet homage to their best buddy.  Chicken Littles Freeze-Dried Cat & Dog Treats

Life Essentials $16.55 SHOP NOW

These single-ingredient treats made of freeze-fried chicken breast are perfect for dogs and cats alike, making them the perfect solution to your mixed-species household.  Dog DNA Test


$199.00 $149.00 (25% off) SHOP NOW

If you’ve ever wondered about Fido’s pedigree, this DNA test can help you figure out your furry friend’s heritage.

Automatic Cat Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree $139.95 SHOP NOW

Consider this self-scooping litter box a gift to you and your cat.  Vice Puppy Uppers Canister $138.00 SHOP NOW

This elegant striped canister is one treat container you won’t mind displaying.  

Teaser Cat Toys


It’s hard to strike a balance between entertaining your cat and keeping the living room from resembling a Petco. Natural toys, like this sisal teaser help keep things looking polished.  

Modern Plaid Scarf Dog Collar

Blueberry Pet $16.30 SHOP NOW

This tiny bow tie is just the thing for your dog’s formal events. Ambush Interactive Cat Toy

PetFusion $25.95 $22.95 (12% off) SHOP NOW

Make your indoor cat feel like a master hunter with a toy that keeps them guessing , like this one which sends an enticing feather popping out of its openings at random intervals—like a kitty version of Whack A Mole.  Pet Wand Pro Shower Attachment

Waterpik $49.99 $36.97 (26% off) SHOP NOW

This handy shower wand, which can attach to your shower or a garden hose, is specially designed to make bathtime easier and speedier, even on pups with thick coats. Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Heated Cat Bed

K&H Pet Products $55.99 SHOP NOW

Give kitty a warm place to curl up with this heated and hooded bed. 

Signature Tartan Dog Jacket

Brooks Brothers

$118.00 SHOP NOW

All preppy pups need a tartan jacket.   Leather Pet Collar

Have any questions about items you may… or may NOT need? Ask your Dr Pet MD doctor at your next exam or stop in and say hello!