It’s no secret the Covid pandemic has taken a toll on us all in countless ways. Dr Pet MD was born for this. When the world gets tough, Dr Pet MD gets going. Newsday recently picked up the story of how Dr Pet MD has not only stayed open for our customers during this pandemic, but has thrived. We know how important it is to keep the doors open for the pet community in NYC and we know what it takes to do it safely too.

Dr Pet MD has been featured in Newsday magazine this month, February 2021

When the pandemic hit, Gerard Marrone’s law firm took a major hit. But Gerard is a fighter and knew that in order to stay afloat he would have to pivot his business. Being an ardent entrepreneur, Gerard knew that if he simply did something he loved, he could pour his heart into it and once again find himself on top.

Dr Pet MD was born both out of his love for animals, and his love for new creative business endeavors. Now that we own 7 locations, including a brand new Grooming Academy in Long Island, news outlets across the five burroughs are starting to take notice.

Check out THIS ARTICLE about Gerard Marrone and the incredible rise from one flailing location to a booming franchise of dog grooming locations with ambitions of national dominance. Dr Pet Md continues to be the model for success in the pet care sector. We’d like to thank all our amazing customers that are the sole reason for our passion and success! Check out this awesome new article and let us know how we can serve you better!

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